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How to Install and Create an Ether Wallet

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Published 2 years ago
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How to Install and Create an Ether Wallet
Spain, Madrid, Madrid,
Published 2 years ago

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installation of the original ether wallet for Windows. The current version (0.5.2 Beta 10) is a preview version. This is why you should try the Ether wallet with smaller amounts for now. For us it has worked well so far without any errors. Here we will introduce you to the fundamental functions.

1. Download and create an ether wallet

You can download the current version of ether wallets here: Ether Wallet Download. You can choose between versions for Linux (32-bit and 64-bit), Mac OS X, and Windows (64-bit). We choose the Windows version and download it. You just have to unzip the file after download. After that, the ether wallet can be used without installing it. You simply have to start the "Ethereum-Wallet" file.

When you open the “Ethereum-Wallet” file for the first time, you need to fill in some details. In the first step, choose "Main network". Afterwards, you have the possibility to import a pre-sale account. If you don't have one, you can skip this step. In the next step, you must enter the password of your first ether account (ETHERBASE).

2. Set up a new account

Ether You can create a new Ether account in the account details by clicking "add account". You simply have to choose a password. In theory, criminals could hack into your ether account, since your ether account is saved on your computer. Criminals can only access your ether if they know your password. This is why choosing a strong password is so important.

3. Send and receive ether

Is so easy! To receive either, you must give the sender your ether address. Click on the ether account you want to use to receive ether. Your ether address is cached if you click "copy address". Press Strg + V at the same time on your keyboard, to fill in your ether address in the required place. If you want to send ether, click "send" on the top bar. If you have multiple accounts, you can choose which account to use in the "from" field. Fill in the recipient's address in the "to" field. The amount is displayed in Ether.

4. Secure ether accounts

Insure your ether accounts to protect them from loss. Click on "accounts" in your ether wallet, choose "backup" and "accounts" again. Now the ethereum folder opens. All your ether accounts are stored in the "keystore" folder. To protect your ether account, it is enough to copy them to a USB stick, for example. If you ever lose access to your data due to hard drive error, for example, you can simply download the ether wallet again and copy the ether accounts from your USB stick to the "keystore" folder. After resetting your ether wallet, you will have full access to your ether again.

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