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Maricoin, the LGTBI Cryptocurrency created in the most diverse neighborhood of Madrid

Spain, Madrid, Madrid
Published 7 months ago
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Maricoin, the LGTBI Cryptocurrency created in the most diverse neighborhood of Madrid
Spain, Madrid, Madrid,
Published 7 months ago


It began to be used this January with an issuance of 250 million dollars. Currently 50 MariCoins are worth one euro, but their price will fluctuate based on supply and demand.

The world of cryptocurrencies has one more since this month: maricoin. It is a cryptocurrency related to the LGBTI collective that emerged in the heart of Chueca, the most diverse neighborhood in Madrid.

Since last December 31, this virtual currency has been accepted as a means of payment in 25 businesses in Madrid, Barcelona, Gran Canaria or Ibiza. Gay friendly venues where it is allowed will display an 'M' on their door.

Maricoin was born from a meeting of friends in the Chueca neighborhood, in the heat of a conversation about the possibility of having a means of payment typical of the LGTBI collective. Since that informal talk, more than three years have passed. During this time, a non-profit project has been set up in collaboration with associations of the group.

The establishments that want to participate must sign a manifesto in which homophobia or any discrimination is rejected and the principle of equality of all people is endorsed.

The fundamental importance of language is reflected in the play on words with which the project has been impregnated. The name of the currency, maricoin, refers to the word 'maricón', a derogatory term used to designate homosexual men that the group in Spain has resignified and uses as a symbol of pride, and the English voice 'coin', currency . In this vein, maricoin transfers will be called 'trans'.

Wallet and IPO in 2022

The creators of maricoin hope that this means of payment, which they define as social, ethical, transparent and transversal, will be able to operate on the stock market as of this 2022. Also during this year they will launch their own 'wallet', a purse for this cryptocurrency that will allow its administration and carry out reception and shipping operations.

This new currency has adopted the 'altcoin' model, which means that it does not have a defined value, but its value will depend on supply and demand. During this month of January they plan to issue 250 million dollars in maricoins, with a value of 50 maricoins for one euro.

If the reception exceeds 10,000 transactions, they could fulfill another of their objectives: to be listed on Binance, the largest exchange in the world. It is an online exchange house where cryptocurrencies are exchanged, either for other cryptocurrencies or for traditional currencies, and where the market price that sets the value of each virtual currency based on supply and demand is established.

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