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Cryptocurrencies Absolved of Responsibility for Banking Crisis, Says Blockchain Association

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Published 1 year ago
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Cryptocurrencies Absolved of Responsibility for Banking Crisis, Says Blockchain Association
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Published 1 year ago

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Jake Chervinsky of the Blockchain Association was quick to defend cryptocurrencies as innocent bystanders in the recent banking crisis. 

Chervinsky made it clear that cryptocurrencies were not the main cause of the crisis, but rather placed them on the same level as any other institutional client, with similar repercussions. According to Chervinsky, cryptocurrency firms are no riskier than any other depositors at a bank, as they have dollars to pay salaries, rent, and other expenses, just like any other company. While their operations may be on blockchain technology, they still use fiat currency for day-to-day transactions.

Chervinsky sought to clarify the role of cryptocurrency firms in the recent banking crisis, highlighting the fact that they were not the primary culprits behind the negative effects seen in the banking system. In a tweet dated March 10th, Chervinsky had already anticipated the backlash against cryptocurrencies, which came to fruition when the IMF presented a warning to the G20 about the potential impact of cryptocurrencies on the banking system. The IMF stated that the expansion of cryptocurrencies could lead to banks losing deposits and having to reduce loans, a prediction that seemed to have come true sooner than expected.

Despite the warnings from the IMF, Chervinsky remains steadfast in his belief that cryptocurrencies were not responsible for the banking crisis. He argues that the recent events were more a result of a confluence of factors, including the impact of the pandemic on the economy, the poor risk management strategies of the banks, and the regulatory framework in which they operate. He believes that singling out cryptocurrencies as the main culprit is not only misguided, but also counterproductive in finding a solution to the problem.

The recent banking crisis has brought to light the complexity of the financial system and the various factors that contribute to its stability. While the IMF warns of the potential dangers of cryptocurrencies, Chervinsky and the Blockchain Association maintain that they are not to blame. Only time will tell how the situation will play out, but what is clear is that a more nuanced approach is needed in addressing the issue, one that takes into account the role of all actors involved, including cryptocurrencies, banks, and regulators.

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Blockchain Association Claims Cryptocurrencies Not to Blame for Banking Crisis
Association Blockchain Affirms Cryptocurrencies Not Accountable for Banking Crisis
Blockchain Association Denies Cryptocurrencies' Involvement in Banking Crisis
Cryptocurrencies Cleared of Causing Banking Crisis by Blockchain Association

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