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Unstoppable Domains and Polygon Labs collaborate on new .polygon domain launch

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Published 1 year ago
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Unstoppable Domains and Polygon Labs collaborate on new .polygon domain launch
NFT, crypto,
Published 1 year ago

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Polygon has launched the ability to create Web3 domain names .polygon in partnership with Unstoppable Domains. 

This new offering will allow users to log in to Web3 applications, use human-readable wallet addresses, and create decentralized websites.

This service will be available to around 180 million users and 40,000 services in the entire Polygon blockchain ecosystem. Unstoppable Domains utilizes Polygon to mint decentralized domains with zero gas fees. So far, over 2.7 million domains have been registered on Polygon's blockchain.

With the use of .polygon domains, users can create digital identities compatible with 750 applications, games, and metaverse platforms. These domains can be used to log in to web applications, as cryptocurrency wallet addresses, and decentralized websites. The possibilities for these new domains are endless and offer a unique opportunity for individuals and businesses to establish their digital presence in the rapidly growing Web3 ecosystem.

The partnership between Polygon and Unstoppable Domains brings a new level of accessibility and usability to the blockchain industry. With easy-to-use and recognizable domain names, the barrier to entry for new users to the blockchain ecosystem is lowered. The introduction of .polygon domains offers a streamlined and more efficient way for users to interact with Web3 applications and services.

The use of blockchain technology and decentralized domains offers increased security and privacy for users. By eliminating the need for centralized entities to manage domain names, users have greater control over their digital identity and assets. This is a significant step towards a more decentralized and democratized internet, where users are in control of their online presence and data.

The launch of .polygon domains is a significant milestone for the blockchain industry and a step towards a more accessible, secure, and user-friendly Web3 ecosystem. The partnership between Polygon and Unstoppable Domains is a promising collaboration that will undoubtedly drive the industry forward and pave the way for new and innovative use cases.

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Polygon Labs teams up with Unstoppable Domains to launch ".polygon" domains
".polygon" domains set to launch through partnership between Polygon Labs and Unstoppable Domains
Unstoppable Domains and Polygon Labs announce joint venture for ".polygon" domain release
New ".polygon" domains made possible by collaboration between Unstoppable Domains and Polygon Labs

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